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Splog: 01

March 18, 2020 

This is our first crack at writing through the lens of the sp0t brand. It's something that we thought about and had some desire to do for a long time, but an overriding reluctance to step into the public eye has held us back... no longer. It does feel strange, Kenny nor myself are much for public proclamations, but in all honesty everyone that is reading this and uses sp0t knows us that it's just us behind the curtain. Hopefully that will change down the road, but today, it feels like talking to a friend.

We're shook up by the state of the world. We would be lying if we said that sp0t's outlook is as bright as a week ago. We were planning on expanding around 40 users pulled from you all's personal recommendations, but it doesn't make a ton of sense to for our best leads first ____ while they can only stare at the four walls around them... 

sp0t has always been about elevating our sense of and connection to 'place'. Helping us to bring buried memories at our favorite places of the past back to life, to discover and solidify our relationships to meaningful places in the present, and help us plan adventures to places in the future. So what do we do now, when it feels like place is shrinking all around us?

In our eyes there are two trains of thought to traverse here that aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. Escapism, reliving the places that we've been before that are out of reach now. Taking that joy that snapchat memories brings into our hands and reliving and feeling those experiences with the people you shared them with. Present-ism, making whatever space you're locked up in a universe. Finding beauty in the wood grain of your table, the way the rain crawls down your window, the way that it feels to hold your coffee mug. A bit baked, yes, but i think we can all afford to be a bit baked right now. 

We're trying to figure out how we can support our community, local businesses, and users. Increasingly, it seems harder. But I really do think that this means that we have to think harder. Our goal at the end of the day is to make the world a better place. hahah! fr tho.

Place shrink