To create a mindful technology that encourages people to have real-world experiences.


Last fall we went hiking around Jordan Lake in Chapel Hill NC. We stumbled upon a clearing with tree trunks to sit on and watched the sunset there. It was surreal, like we had stepped into another world for a few minutes. As we explored the area more, we found a notebook inside a hollowed out tree nearby filled with letters, doodles, and poems. We felt connected to the people filling up these pages, that had sat where we sat and experienced this same special place.

On the way home we thought about the thousands of other similar spots out there we may never experience because we didn’t how to find them. Stumbling upon that beach and that notebook was one in a million- but it didn't have to be.



Tyler Trocinski



Kenny Barone



What is sp0t?

A mobile app that helps you find unique places and tell their stories. sp0t shows you a curated selection of public spots (the highest rated and most off-the-grid restaurants, dive bars, hidden gems in nature), along with private spots shared by your friends. At each place, you can add to a virtual guestbook to bring the spot’s personality to life.


What’s a virtual guestbook?

Virtual guestbooks contain each spot’s content. At public spots, you can unlock and contribute to the guestbook once you go there. At private spots, you gain access to the guestbook once you accept an invitation to it. 


What’s a private spot?

A private spot is visible only to the people invited there by the creator of the spot.


Who can see what I post at public spots?

Your friends, and other people that have unlocked that spot. 


Who can see what I post at private spots?

Only the other people invited to that private spot. 


Can I create a public spot?

Yes, public spot submissions go through an approval process.


What makes a spot a spot?

Good question 😅while private spots can be anything, drawing the line on what is and isn’t a public spot showing up on everyone’s map is much tougher! Where we’ve landed for now is staying away from chains, places that are easily findable and forgettable, and places that lack personality.. Additionally, public spots have to be somewhere you feel both safe and comfortable bumping into a stranger. So while a running trail could be a great public spot, a random point out in nature should probably be just for your friends.


How can I make my business a public spot?

Same guidelines apply to whether your business is a spot or not. If your business is approved as a public spot, we’ll then verify that you are the business owner/social media manager and then make your spot official to prevent copycats.


What can sp0t do for my business?

sp0t is in a unique position to give small businesses the ability to interact directly with customers who are already engaged with them. If your business is approved as a public spot, you have the ability to post content, special deals, and events in your guestbook. For free!


How can I get in touch with sp0t?

[email protected]


Are you hiring?

We are currently a 2-person operation hoping to expand early next year. Our first hires will be a head of marketing and a lead developer, and we want to meet you now if you’re interested. We’re also looking for curators who know Raleigh and Asheville really well. Shoot us an email [email protected]


However, if neither of these positions sound like you and you want to get involved, we’d still love to hear from you.