Rediscover your world

sp0t is a mobile app that helps you find unique places and bring them to life.

Howsp0t shows you a curated selection of public spots (the highest rated and most off-the-grid restaurants, dive bars, hidden gems in nature), along with private spots shared by your friends. At each place, you can add to a virtual guestbook to tell that spot's story.

Personalized map

Explore what's top-rated nearby, places your friends suggest, and private spots shared with you.

Add your own

Create a spot and share it with the world, certain friends, or keep it to yourself.

Virtual guestbook

Location-specific content at your favorite places. Plug into communities at public spots, or keep guestbooks at private spots between friends.

Map your memories

A digital passport that lets you quickly revisit your favorite places and the memories you made there.

Content feed

Keep up with friends' adventures and what's happening at spots you follow.